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Housing Costs 2024-2025

By living in our residence halls, you will have easy access to your classes and campus resources, while belonging to the vibrant on-campus community. You’ll find gender-inclusive housing to meet your needs however you may identify and residential learning communities that enable you to live with others with similar interests or academic focuses. Learn more about the perks of living on campus!

These costs do not include meal plans. See details on our meal plan options.

Column One lists the residence halls on campus. Columns two and three list costs for single rooms, per semester and per year. Columns four and five list costs for standard rooms, per semester and per year.

Residence HallStandard Room
per semester
Standard Room
per year
Single Room
per semester
Single Room
per year
Crimson Hall $4,818 $9,636 $5,525.50 $11,051
Stonehouse Hall$4,683.50 $9,367 $5,406.50 $10,813
Great Hills Apartments N/A N/A $5,486 $10,972
Miles/DiNardo Halls $4,537 $9,074 $4,850 $9,700
Pope/Scott Halls $4,296 $8,592 $4,647 $9,294
Shea/Durgin Halls $4,296 $8,592 $4,647 $9,294
Weygand Hall $4,918.50 $9,837 $5,639.50 $11,279
Woodward Hall $4,192 $8,384 N/A N/A

Additional semester fees include a $180 ResNet fee and a $50 Laundry fee, among others.

Learn more about the total cost of attendance.

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